Lesson 9: Zero Defects Review and Total productive maintenance

Lesson 9: Zero Defects Review and Total productive maintenance

One of the main objectives of TPM is to increase the productivity of plant and equipment with a modest investment in maintenance Total Quality management (TQM) and Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) are considered as the key operational activities of the quality management system. In order for TPM to be effective, the full support of the total workforce is required. This should result in accomplishing the goal of TPM: “Enhance the volume of the production, employee morale and job satisfaction.”

Following are the steps involved by the implementation of TPM in an organization: Initial evaluation of TPM level, Introductory Education and Propaganda (IEP) for TPM, formation of TPM committee, development of master plan for TPM implementation, stage by stage training to the employees and stakeholders on all eight pillars of TPM, implementation preparation process, establishing the TPM policies and goals and development of a road map for TPM implementation.


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