Lesson 6: The Reality of Rejection

Lesson 6: The Reality of Rejection

Every job seeker, no matter how talented and experienced, has received at least one dreaded rejection letter in his or her career. And, no matter how talented and experienced the job seeker, rejection always brings up deep seated insecurities and that inevitable question: “Why?” Even though it is a drag to be rejected by a potential employer, the key to landing a job is not to dwell on missed opportunities and just keep focusing on possibilities.

If you don’t have a job and are getting rejection letters after interviewing, the process can be both scary and depressing. Do not let yourself get so down on yourself or depressed that your interview skills suffer. Each job interview has to be a whole new world of positive thinking. Don’t reflect on past losses, failures, or rejections when preparing for an interview. Prepare and put a positive spin on everything that you discuss with your interviewers. Positive thinking will get you far in interviews. After each interview sit down and make a list of everything you thought went well and the things that you think you could have improved upon. Then, if you don’t get the job at least you will have given yourself some feedback that you can use to improve your interview skills the next time. Sometimes interviewers will tell you why you didn’t get the job but you can’t count on that. You have to create your own after action review in order to improve your skills. Don’t focus on rejection.


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