An essential part of management is co-ordinating the activities of people and guiding their efforts towards the goals and objectives of the organization. This involves the process of leadership and the choice of an appropriate form of action and behavior. Leadership is a central feature of organizational performance. The manager must understand the nature of leadership influence and factors which determine relationships with other people, and the effectiveness of the leadership relationship.

There are many ways of looking at leadership and many interpretations of its meaning. Leadership might be interpreted in simple terms, such as ‘getting others to follow’ or ‘getting people to do things willingly’, or interpreted more specifically, for example as ‘the use of authority in decision-making’. It may be exercised as an attribute of position, or because of personal knowledge or wisdom. Leadership might be based on a function of personality, or it can be seen as a behavioral category. It may also be viewed in terms of the role of the leaders and their ability to achieve effective performance from others



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