Lesson 2: Internal Situation

Lesson 2: Internal Situation

Whether you are starting a new business or taking an existing business in a new direction, a marketing plan and company description are essential parts of the process. They will help you focus on your company’s goals, target markets, competitors and strategies for growth and development. As you write a marketing plan, work to target it to a specific audience to ensure that the resulting materials and activities will be more focused and effective.

The company description section of the business plan is the first section of the plan you will actually write. It describes what the company is like inside and tends to constrain decision making later when you evaluate alternatives. Crafting a great company description will help give a general direction of the business and show any potential lenders or partners what your business is all about.

It describes issues like the values and norms within the organization. It will describe dimensions of the organization that tell us how fast the organization can move and what the organization values.


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