Lesson 1: Introduction to Computing

Lesson 1: Introduction Computing

Basically, any computer is supposed to carry out four functions:
– Accepting the data as input.
– Storing the data and instructions in its memory and recalling
the same as and when required (Retrieving).
– Processing the data as per instructions, to convert it into
useful information.
– Communicating the Information as output.
The input data may be in the form of:-
Typed data and instructions in a computer’s language. Raw data can be in the form of (a) Numeric, (b) Alphabetic, (c) Alphanumeric. Then this is coded into data acceptable to a computer in its language.
It may be audible, visual or audiovisual. In these cases, an interfacing device is required to convert it into signals which are acceptable to a computer.
All data is first converted into binary signals before it is accepted by computer. The first function is performed in computer by its input unit, second and third functions are carried out by its central
processing unit and last function is done by output unit. Since CPU is not able to keep everything in memory, this function is more better done by auxiliary memory. Thus a computer has got four main units.


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