Lesson 1: Concept Kick Start

Lesson 1: Concept Kick Start

The course in Business opening contains the following:

  • Lessons in video format with explaination of theoratical content.
  • Complementary activities that will make research more about the topic , as well as put into practice what you studied in the lesson. These activities are not part of their final evaluation.
  • Texts supporting explained in the video.

Creative ideas are assumed to be original to their creator – the product of one person, or one company. But history shows ideas usually develop through the work of more than one person, as when Henry Ford developed the automobile assembly line from the production process of meat-packing plants. Often other people are working on the same idea because it is built on a foundation more than one person can piece together. The day Alexander Graham Bell filed his patent for the telephone, Mr. Burkus notes, another inventor, Elisha Gray, filed a patent for a similar device.


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