Introduction to Methods of Social Work & Health Professions as Change Agent

Introduction to Methods of Social Work & Health Professions as Change Agent

Social action and social work are related concepts. They refer to any action or work that aims at bringing about positive, desirable change in the lives of people. Individuals, social groups or communities may find themselves in any kind of strainful, psychosocially difficult circumstances, and affected by forces beyond their capacity. They are called client systems. Those who make any kind of systematized and conscientious efforts to help the clients help themselves are called change agents.

Change agents should be guided by the fundamental guiding principles of the methods of social action or social work. Whether the change agents work with an individual person, i.e., casework, a social group, i.e., group work, or community, i.e., community organization, they have to take into account the basic working principles and approaches. In any case change agents should play their roles as catalysts, leaders, organizers, researchers, guides, counselors and brokers; and they
should carry out their duties in ethically and professionally appropriate ways. They should also be
equipped with appropriate knowledge of relevant theories, and be sensitive to the client systems culture, social or community situations, institutional arrangements, ecology, and other dimensions.


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