Importance of recommendation letters 

Recommendation letters can give your job applications a much need edge in the highly competitive selection process. Learn how to get yourself a good one? 

Recommendations letters give an employer a deeper insight in candidate’s background their strengths, capabilities and also the areas of specialization. Although the practice of including recommendation letters has become optional in the past few years as many employers now rely on social media profiles and other such information gathering platforms. A good, well written letter is still capable of providing future employers with a lot more reliable information than they would receive by running the candidate’s profile  through any software. But to ensure that the letters leave a good impression of your personality on the employer it is important that they are written in well-mannered, structured format that highlights your capabilities. Let’s have a look at some important things to keep in mind when writing recommendation letters. But first let’s understand what it is the meaning of a letter of recommendation. 

What is a letter of recommendation? 

It is important to understand that letters of recommendation are not the same as cover letters. Both of them for sure share the same purpose that is to present the candidate as an ideal choice for the job profile. But the major difference in the two letters is the person who writes the letter. Cover letter as widely known is written by the candidate themselves but the recommendation letters on the other hand are written either by your former employers or by your professors. 

The main purpose of a recommendation letter is to convince your future employer that you posses the skill set required for the position that you have applied for. Also, be careful that the letter is no longer than a page and duly signed by the author. Another important thing to watch out for is that the author has mentioned his/her contact details so the recruiters can contact them shall the need arise. A company stamp though not necessary is still a recommended element for a recommendation letter. You could also use a company letter head on the other hand, if one doesn’t have access to a stamp. 

Why recommendation letters are important? 

Most employers today ask only for your resume, portfolio, and cover letter as a part of the job application. Then why do we need letters of recommendation or what importance do they hold when sending forth your job application. The answer is quite simple, recommendations though not necessary elements of the job application, hold a lot of value in the eyes of the recruiters. In recent times letters of recommendation however have taken many different forms. For one, you do not require a typed or hand written letter all you need to provide your future employers with the contact details of the concerned person and they will themselves contact them for recommendation details. Some employers even scan through a candidates social media profiles to get an understanding of their skills and interests.

Letter of recommendation is a written endorsement of someone’s personality, skills, and abilities to support their application for a job or academic program.

What is the Difference Between a Letter of Recommendation and a Reference Letter?

Though the two letters are used to endorse or attest to someone’s character, personality, and abilities, and are sometimes used interchangeably; the difference, however, is that letter of recommendation is used to support someone’s application for a specific job or academic program and is usually addressed to a particular person or group i.e. “Dear admission committee”, “Dear Mr. Hope Peters”. On the other hand, a reference letter is usually not addressed to a particular person and is more generic in nature i.e. “To whom it may concern”, “Dear sir/madam”.

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