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Legally Receive an Honorary Doctorate

Honorary degrees can be legally awarded in exchange for a donation, as done by many universities throughout the world. World-Class Education is dedicated to making lifelong learning opportunities accessible, challenging, and relevant to a diverse student population.

Its aim is to facilitate educational access and academic excellence through exceptional management and resources, innovative delivery systems and student services, and relevant programs that are learner-centered, success-oriented, and responsive to technology.

World-Class Education Institute has the right to bestow ecclesiastical honors on its members, in exchange for a small donation.

This is in contrast to an academic degree.  To earn an academic doctorate title, in most countries you will need to complete several years of postgraduate education, followed by a doctoral dissertation, after which you will be awarded a Ph.D. In the United States and the UK, for example, only universities can grant academic doctoral degrees.


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What is an honorary doctoral degree?

An honorary doctoral degree is a symbol of respect that comes without any of the strings that are attached to actually having to do any academic work. It’s getting harder to afford higher education and for many, the simple fact of receiving recognition, in some form, is an honor that comes with many perks.
The honorary doctorate degree list shows just how much variety there is in the kind of subjects one can get a degree in. This honoris causa is given without a student needing to take any exams or complete a capstone project such as a thesis or Dissertation. And while the type of degree may differ, they still hold esteem at the highest levels and are excellent tools used by universities and colleges to establish and nurture important relationships with people who hold influence and power.

Many have posed the question: “Is an honorary degree a real degree?” for which we should address by simply stating that it is a degree that commands respect but is considered ornamental in nature. There have been some recipients of a conferred degree who have even gone around referring to themselves as doctors and have encouraged others to address them as such (e.g., Ben Franklin was the recipient of 7 such degrees and was notorious for wanting others to call him doctor).

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The ecclesiastical honorary doctorate, or Dr. Honoris Causa, can legally be added to your name in the U.S., in Europe, and in many other countries. The Ministry of Cultural Affairs has established that the guiding principle is the legal right of the awarding institution to issue such a degree in its country of origin. As such, the honorary doctoral degrees awarded by our institute can be used and displayed worldwide, as long as you follow the guidelines given here. We must also ask that if you are conferred such an award, that you live up to the standards that such a title presumes, such as upholding the values of integrity, morality, and respect and compassion for others.

European Laws: 

In April 2000, the German Ministry for Cultural Affairs established that ecclesiastical degrees may be legally awarded. The Ministry of Science agreed with this resolution in August 2004, further elaborating that ecclesiastical degrees may be used and displayed as long as they are not mistaken for academic degrees. Identifying the name of the issuing organization and the country in which it is based eliminates the need for nostrificating the degree.

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But honorary doctoral degrees can also be awarded by organizations like World Class Education.  These are called ecclesiastical honorary degrees

A recipient of an ecclesiastical honorary doctoral degree can use the title of Doctor Honoris Causa just as the recipient of an honorary degree from Yale University, for example.  Similarly, our honorary degrees are given in appreciation of a donation.

This is exactly the service that we offer: if you make a small contribution to our institute, we will award you an honorary doctorate degree.

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