Certificate Programs

Science has yet to discover the precise mechanism by which the individual learns.

Your World Class Education Distance Learning program will be a custom-made program, designed just for you by you and your advisor. This flexibility to meet your needs is seldom found in other distance learning programs.

The Certificates program is offered for various disciplines and allows students to develop areas needed for growth in their profession. Since each student’s area of work is unique based on the company, position, or industry they work in, the objectives for the courses taken also allow for modification and individualization. Studies leading to the Certificates degree are designed to give the candidate thorough and comprehensive knowledge of his or her professional field, as well as training in data interpretation and analytical skills. One of the key goals for the Certificates program at World Class Education is to give students the tools and confidence to carry out self-education; these skills are indispensable as they allow students to adapt to their ever changing environment or situation without depending necessarily on a higher education institution. The criteria for granting the degree shall be the candidate’s comprehension of the subject matter and a demonstrated ability to perform independent research. In addition, the candidate must have the ability to express thoughts clearly, both verbally and in written form.


Administration and MKT

Strategic Management

Online Business

Marketing Plan

Human Communication Processes

Theories and Techniques of the Interview


Benchmarking and CRM
Consumer Behavior
Distribution and Logistics
Marketing Research
Online Business

Strategy and Management Quality

Human Resources Management
Strategic Management
Fundamentals of Quality
Strategic Planning and Marketing

Effective Leadership
Strategy Directive

Human Factor 1

Strategic Planning
Organizational Psychology
Human Resources and MKT
Personel Administration
Administration and Management Skills
Algebra Applications I
Experimental Marketing
Online Marketing: Paid, SEO, Social Media
Brand Design and Corporate Identity
Total Quality
Leadership and Direction
Global Marketing

Admission Requirements

The following are requirements for admission to the World Class Education Certificates Program (additional requirements are specific to your major or filed of study):

Admissions Application form available online. (click here)
A telephone interview may constitute part of the admissions process at the request of the Admissions and Review Committee or of the applicant.
A curriculum vitae/resume that provides an overview of education, work, and other professional activities.
A High school Certificate, GED, or it’s equivalent from a recognized school.

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