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Your World Class Education Distance Learning program will be a custom-made program, designed just for you by you and your advisor. This flexibility to meet your needs is seldom found in other distance learning programs. 

Our program does not require every student to study the same subjects and use the same books and other learning materials as every other student. Instead, our online Bachelor’s programs are designed just for you. They are individually designed to meet your needs and help you to reach your professional and personal goals. If you want much more than normal results from your efforts, World Class Education Bachelor programs are what you are looking for. The Bachelor’s program is offered for various disciplines and allows students to develop areas needed for growth in their profession. Since each student’s area of work is unique based on the company, position, or industry they work in, the objectives for the courses taken also allow for modification and individualization. Studies leading to the Bachelor’s degree are designed to give the candidate thorough and comprehensive knowledge of his or her professional field, as well as training in data interpretation and analytical skills. One of the key goals for the Bachelor’s program at World Class Education is to give students the tools and confidence to carry out self-education; these skills are indispensable as they allow students to adapt to their ever-changing environment or situation without depending necessarily on a higher education institution. The criteria for granting the degree shall be the candidate’s comprehension of the subject matter and a demonstrated ability to perform independent research. In addition, the candidate must have the ability to express thoughts clearly, both verbally and in written form. The Bachelor’s program aims to develop an understanding of your field beyond the textbook to integrate theories into practical real-world applications. The application of theory into practice through real life models, and the effective communication of information through the appropriate channels prevent the fish out of water feelings often experienced by graduates when they enter the professional arena for the first time.

Additional Information About Your Program
The Bachelor’s Degree Program at World Class Education is a custom-tailored suit of educational clothing. World Class Education has developed a protocol to Quantify and Qualify an individual’s professional background, as well as, their academic credentials, and grant Academic Credit to qualified students commensurate with their true level of knowledge. After initial review and evaluation, the Student’s Academic Status is defined. This definition establishes the approximate number of Academic Credit Hours the University will grant the Student toward the Student’s designated Degree Program.

Development of course and curricula is a collaborative activity, between the Student and the Academic Advisor. Each Student’s Curricula is unique, and developed as a result of the mutual efforts of the Student, the Academic Staff and the Academic Advisor. To fulfill the requirements of the Degree Program as established by the Academic Committee, the Student performs research, (using the Internet or other Approved Resources), to investigate and select courses from at least 2, World Class Education Approved colleges or universities, offering the same discipline at the Bachelor level, as the Student’s designated Degree Program.

The Student will select courses based upon the Student’s need to acquire the knowledge and Master the objectives defined, in the course descriptions and objectives, as itemized in the Course Catalogs of such Approved Institutions. The Student will be the initial arbiter of the courses selected. The culmination of the course selection process is the class session with the Academic Advisor. During this class, the Student’s Courses and Curricula will be established, and approved. Bachelor’s Programs are available in many disciplines, and demonstrate the Student’s ability to perform work in the selected field of study. The capstone of the Program is the Bachelor’s Thesis, an original work which showcases the Candidate’s mastery of the selected discipline, produces significant insights and findings based on original thought and research, and contributes to the advancement of thought and knowledge on a universal scale.

Studies leading to the Bachelor degree are designed to give the candidate thorough and comprehensive knowledge of his or her professional field, as well as training in research methods. The criteria for granting the degree shall be the candidate’s comprehension of the subject matter and a demonstrated ability to perform independent research. In addition, the candidate must have the ability to express thoughts clearly, both verbally and in written form.



Bachelor of Arts 

Bachelor of Business Administration 

Bachelor of Science 

Admission Requirements
The following are requirements for admission to the World Class Education Bachelor’s Program (additional requirements are specific to your major or filed of study):

Admissions Application form available online. (click here)
A telephone interview may constitute part of the admissions process at the request of the Admissions and Review Committee or of the applicant.
A curriculum vitae/resume that provides an overview of education, work, and other professional activities.
A High school Diploma, GED or its equivalent from a recognized school.

Note: Students who have been granted Advanced Placement Candidate status may be allowed modification of the above protocol 

  • Environmental Health

    Environmental health is the branch of public health concerned with all aspects of the natural and built environment affecting human health.

    Apply to enroll
  • Introduction to the School of Finance

    The following course in the School of Finance is provided in its entirety by World Class Education's which strives to make knowledge and education readily available to those seeking advancement regardless of their socio-economic situation, location, or other previously limiting factors.

  • Environmental Engineering

    Environmental engineering is a relatively new profession with a long and honorable history. The descriptive title of “environmental engineer” was not used until the 1960s, when academic programs in engineering and public health schools broadened their scope and required a more accurate title to describe their curricula and their graduates. The roots of this profession, however, go back as far as recorded history.


As one of the most common requirements for employment in any salaried position, a bachelor’s degree opens opportunities in almost every industry. The number of individuals aged 25 and up with bachelor’s degrees has soared since 1910, increasing from 2.7% to 35% of the population in 2018. In addition to enjoying increased job opportunities, bachelor’s degree holders also have more resilience to fluctuations in the job market and the economy. At the peak of the 2008 recession, those with bachelor’s degrees had a 5.9% unemployment rate compared to 17.9% for high school graduates.

The unemployment rate for college graduates continues to decline, hovering around 2.1% in 2018. If you want to build a career that will eventually lead to a mid- or senior-level position while providing long-term job security, then a bachelor’s degree remains the best place to start.

What Can You Do With an Online Bachelor’s Degree?

Earning an online bachelor’s degree opens the doors to a world of possibilities. Read on for the top ten highest paying jobs for bachelor’s degree holders. This is just a small sample of the opportunities that await you.

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Companies often prefer to hire bachelor’s degree holders with the knowledge that graduates of four-year undergraduate programs possess industry-specific knowledge and the discipline, critical-thinking abilities, and communication skills needed for a wide variety of jobs.

As seen in the table below, the occupations with the most job openings for bachelor’s degree holders come from diverse fields such as education, healthcare, computer science, and software engineering. Moreover, a bachelor’s degree opens up career options in several fields and increases your chances for advancement and salary potential.

How Much Does an Online Bachelor’s Degree Cost?

Traditionally, you need 120 credits to graduate with a bachelor’s degree. If you multiply your school’s cost per credit hour by the number of hours it takes to get a degree, you will get a number that roughly approximates how much your bachelor’s will cost. However, students may forget to consider some fees and costs when calculating the price of an education.

Types of Bachelor’s Degrees


Most bachelor’s degree programs require four years of full-time enrollment to complete. For many traditional students (high school graduates beginning their first year in college), this length of time remains a vital segment of the journey to adulthood. However, students who already possess ample work experience but no college degree do not necessarily need the entire four years to learn industry-specific knowledge and skills.

Some schools offer accelerated bachelor’s degree programs to answer the needs of this type of student. Not all colleges and universities offer them, however, and those that do offer different options.

Some colleges offer summer or winter terms, and taking additional courses during these periods can shorten the time to graduation by one or more semesters. Other institutions permit students to earn college credits by taking (and passing) tests in subject areas where they already possess considerable experience. Still, some schools prefer to support a liberal transfer policy that allows students transfer up to 90 credits to a bachelor’s degree program, as long as they earned the credits from an accredited college or university.

Cutting the time it takes to complete your bachelor’s degree lets you graduate sooner and offers an added advantage of improving the bottom line cost of your education.

Upgrading From an Associate Degree

A two-year degree provides an opportunity to earn credentials and gather experience before investing in a bachelor’s degree. If you have earned your associate degree, you are already halfway to your bachelor’s. Returning to school to pursue a four-year degree remains an excellent way to increase your earning power, opportunities for promotion, and marketability. On average, those with a bachelor’s earn 26% more than those with an associate degree. Check out the difference in pay for associate and bachelor’s in these common fields.

Many associate degree holders possess work experience that puts them in a strong position to gain admission to schools initially out of their reach. A strong resume demonstrating dedication to progress toward a specific career goal proves very appealing to admission officers.

With a majority of your general education requirements completed and additional work experience in tow, you will enjoy the opportunity to progress through school quicker and for less money than a traditional student. Online programs remain especially convenient for associate degree holders, as they allow learners to continue working while earning degrees on flexible schedules.

World Class Education Online Bachelor’s Programs

In ranking the colleges and universities shown on this page, this guide considers several other factors in addition to a program’s bottom-line cost. These elements include relevant data that ultimately affects the cost of a program for students, such as financial aid information, graduation rates, and loan default rates.

An institution with the lowest tuition rate may not necessarily bear the title of the most affordable school. We based our rankings on the long-term value they offer to students — not just a low sticker price. Click on the “View Complete Ranking” tab to see the full list of ranked schools.

  • Apply to CQ University
  • Banking & Financial Services (Investment Operations Analysts make $60,000-$75,000/annum), Administration & Office Support, Healthcare & Medical, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, Call Centre & Customer Service etc are key job sectors

Wagga Wagga

  • Study at Charles Sturt University
  • Few fields offering lucrative jobs are- Administration, Office Support, Real Estate & Property, Retail & Consumer Products, Manufacturing, Transport & Logistics, Marketing & Communications, Sales etc


  • Study with Internship at Charles Darwin University
  • Key job verticals are Communications & Marketing, Manufacturing, Transport, Logistics, Administration (salaries- up to $60000 per annum), Office Support, IT, SAP (SAP administrator may make $40 – $45/hour), Trades & Services etc

Federation University Australia, Ballarat

  • Graduates have been rated the best in Australia for employability

What to Study

Go for UG, PG & research levels courses in disciplines like-

  • Business Management
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Information Technology
  • Health Science/Nursing/Pharmacy
  • Data Science
  • Machine Learning
  • Engineering
  • Business Analytics
  • Hospitality &Tourism
  • Medical/Dental Courses
  • Science & Arts
  • Language…AND MORE

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