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JLI offers many unique industry specific programs that can propel your career to the next level


At the World Class Education we have developed unique, industry specific, globally accredited programs that help you gain new skills and give your career a boost. No matter what educational background or work experience you have, if the pharmaceutical or healthcare sector interests you and if you are willing to learn and excel we have a program for you.

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Explore the world of drug development

Clinical Development Sciences

World Class Education offers a number of programs that fall within the broad definition of clinical development. It encompasses clinical phases of research, monitoring of drug safety on an ongoing basis, managing of clinical trial data, regulatory affairs and even writing of documents related to the whole clinical research process. These unique programs open up a wide range of career opportunities for you in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. Following is a list of programs available in this category:

 Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Research
 Advanced PG Diploma in Clinical Research & Pharmacovigilance
 Advanced PG Diploma in Clinical Research & Medical Writing
 Advanced PG Diploma in Clinical Research & Business Development
 Advanced PG Diploma in Clinical Research & Regulatory Affairs
 Advanced PG Diploma in Clinical Research & Quality Assurance
 Advanced PG Diploma in Clinical Research & Data Management
 Advanced PG Diploma in Pharmacovigilance & Regulatory Affairs
 Advanced PG Diploma in Pharmacovigilance & Medical Writing
 Advanced PG Diploma in Pharmacovigilance & Quality Assurance
 Advanced PG Diploma in Pharmacovigilance & Data Management
 Advanced PG Diploma in Regulatory Affairs & Medical Writing
 Professional Diploma in Clinical Trial Management
 Professional Diploma in Pharmacovigilance & Pharmacoepidemiology
 Professional Diploma in Clinical Data Management
 Professional Diploma in Medical Writing
 Professional Diploma in Pharmaceutical Regulatory Affairs
 Advanced Certificate in Clinical Research for Physicians
 GCP Training & Certification Program
 Advanced PG Diploma in Regulatory Affairs & Quality Assurance
 Professional Diploma in Business Development

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Looking for a Masters Program?

James Lind Institute offers various masters degree programs in the areas of public health, business administration etc.

– MPH (with specializations)
– M.Sc in Health Mgmt
– MBA (various specializations)

For information on available masters programs via our School of Health Sciences; & our Business School click below:

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Explore public health issues

Public Health & Tropical Medicine

Promoting health and improving average life-spans across geographies and age groups are the focus of all global healthcare efforts. It is crucial that we have workforce available to us that is trained in preventing and combating various infectious disease epidemics and natural calamities. Professionals that are able to develop and implement strategies and policies for improvement of healthcare; and trained workforce that is able to provide a high level of care at all small or large healthcare facilities are also the need of the hour. People with training in public health, healthcare management, tropical medicine and similar areas are critical for a country’s healthcare and public health infrastructure. We offer the following programs in this category:

 Advanced PG Diploma in Global Health Management & Policy
 Advanced PG Diploma in Global Sexual & Reproductive Health Management
 Advanced PG Diploma in Public Health Research
 Advanced PG Diploma in Healthcare & Hospital Management
 Professional Diploma in Medical Tourism & Healthcare Marketing
 Advanced Certificate in Medical Law & Bioethics
 Certificate in Healthcare Risk Management
 Advanced PG Diploma in Global Maternal and Child Health
 Professional Diploma in Public Health Management
 Advanced PG Diploma in Tropical Medicine, Surveillance and Immunization
 Master of Science in Health Management
 Master of Science in Public Health Management (MPH)
 Executive Certificate in Public Health Leadership & Research

Recent Faculty Additions

Dr. Peter S. Nyasulu, PhD (Epi) MScMed (Epi) PgDip (Epi) MACE

Division of Epidemiology & Biostatistics
Department of Global Health, Faculty of Medicine & Health Sciences
Stellenbosch University, Cape Town, South Africa

José Alberto Mozó Moreno MD, MPH (Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health), MHA

Chief Executive Officer & Chair Of The Board Of Directors
DKMS CL, Health Outreach for Latin America (HOLA) Foundation

Dr. Joanne Corrigall, MBBCH, MMed, DMH, FCPHM

Public Health Specialist
Cape Town
South Africa






Explore scientific writing & journalism

Medical Communication & Journalism

According to Michael Kenward, an ex-editor of New Scientist, “Science writing is about explaining complex ideas that nobody wants to keep secret; science journalism is about explaining things that everyone can understand but that some might prefer to keep buried”. Journalism is a concept that provides the public a well-balanced and objective perspective of what is being reported while scientific writing helps diiferent audiences get information in a language appropriate for them. We offer the following programs related to these areas:

 Professional Diploma in Medical Journalism
 Advanced PG Diploma in Scientific Writing & Medical Journalism

Modular System for Evaluation

All programs conducted by JLI are based on a Modular System with each Study Module equivalent to a specific number of Credits (Module Credit Value or MCV). The sum of all Module Credit Values offered for a program make up the Total Credits awarded for that program. The academic performance is measured by grade points on a 4 point scale.



Social & environment sciences

Social & Environmental Sciences

Social & Environmental Sciences are broad disciplines that study the relationships between humans and also the environment around us. Environmental studies to some extent includes the studies of social subjects for understanding relationships, understanding of different aspects of life, and policies towards the protection of environment. 

 Advanced PG Diploma in Occupational Health and Safety Management
 Advanced PG Diploma in Environmental Health Management

Exclusive Program


Explore Agriculture Programs


Agribusiness offers exciting career opportunities in both developing and developed nations. Following programs are available:

Advanced PG Diploma in Agribusiness Management
Professional Diploma in Organic Farming & Food Production

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