Why Study at World Class Education?
Our training programs offer you multiple benefits and provide you with an edge that you need to boost your career. Accredited self paced programs, interactive content etc are some examples.



Selecting the Right Program

Selecting a relevant program that suits you most is the first essential step in the application process. Chances are that you already know which program you want to apply for, however if you are unsure about which program you should enroll in, please feel free to get in touch with our admissions representatives or counsellors via email / live chat/ or telephone. The counsellor will evaluate your educational background, skills, career interests, career goals and suggest one or more programs that suit you best.


Application Steps

Identify the program that suits you well. To see a list of all available programs please visit the programs section of our website or simply   CLICK HERE >

Create a student account on this website and complete the profile section of your account. If you would like to create an account now   CLICK HERE >

Click on the Application Form option in your account, select the program you are applying for and submit the application.

Documents Required

To apply you need to check the eligibility requirement for the program and upload a copy of your highest qualification in your profile during the application process.

Fee Payment Options

After you submit your application you may submit your fee online using a credit card, debit card, PayPal etc. or you may make a bank transfer to the World Class Education’s bank account.

Admission FAQs

We understand that you may have some questions before you apply. Feel free to check out our Admission FAQ section. If you still have any questions do get in touch.

International Applicants

We welcome international students. Students from more than 80 countries are already enrolled across multiple training programs conducted by us. We understand and acknowledge that online courses across the globe are extremely costly and not all students can afford them however with WCE you will have the benefit of attending an online course of the highest quality with a fair tuition fee. Acceptance requirements for international students are similar to those of local students. International students can follow the same admission steps as mentioned in this page and must be able to provide documentation of their previous educational qualification as may be required for admission to a particular program. Proof of citizenship may also be required.


Once you have chosen a program of study the application process itself is very simple and can take just 15 to 20 minutes to complete. Please follow the steps mentioned below to submit your online application.


Create a student account on the this website. If you would like to create an account now please click Apply Now.



After you create an account you will be redirected to your dashboard. In your dashboard click on ‘Edit Profile’ option available in the menu, enter some required details about yourself and save the information.
Documents Required: During this step you will need to upload a copy of your highest qualification such as bachelors or masters degree. A CV and photo may also be uploaded however they are optional. If you do not have the required document handy, you may still proceed with submitting the application and send it later by email to [email protected]


Next, click on the ‘Application Form’ option available in the menu. You will notice that all the information that you entered in your profile will automatically appear in your application form. Now just select the program you are applying for, select your preferred mode of fee payment and hit submit. Upon successful submission of your application you will receive a confirmation message on your screen and an email with your application number.


After you submit the online application form you will be redirected to the fee payment page where you can pay your program fee online (by credit card/debit card/paypal/net banking) or you may choose to submit the fee offline using a bank transfer, western union or moneygram.

If you are from Singapore you may send the cheque to the following address. It should be drawn in favour of ‘James Lind Institute Pte. Ltd.’

World Class Education
1 Along Pearl Road off Spokane Avenue 4316 Cleveland, OH 44109, United States of America Phone +1(413) 461-3136

If you are from India you may choose to send us a cheque or demand draft as well. It should be drawn in favor of ‘World Class Education’.

Once your program fee is received, you will receive a confirmation email and an official payment receipt from the admissions department.

Your program login details will be sent to you before the next program start date.
If you have any questions or need any clarifications please feel free to contact our admission representatives. They will guide you and be your point of contact throughout the admission process.

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